You may be asking yourself, "Just who are these people that buy and sell homes?"  Well, we are real estate entrepreneurs who specialize in buying single family or townhouses throughout the entire state of Delaware.  We are members of the community just like you.  We shop and support the same stores, go to the same restaurants, have children that go to the same schools, and have experienced the same financial or mental burdens that may accompany homeownership.  When we discuss buying your home, regardless of price, area, or condition, we will be providing solutions that will work and provide a win/win situation for everyone involved.  Award winning local publications such as The News Journal and Next Level Magazine have praised our programs for assisting sellers solve their problems and helping buyers become homeowners.  Simply stated - we help sellers out of houses and buyers into them.

We have been helping members of the community since 1999 in two ways.  We help sellers solve their common problems by buying their homes and giving them peace of mind. 

They may have been behind on payments and facing foreclosure.  Or been transferred out of state and haven't sold their old home yet.  Or maybe they purchased a new home and are looking to enjoy their lives in their dream home but their old home still hasn't sold and they are making payments on both homes.  (This tends to kill the bank account after 2-3 months not to mention the hassle of still dealing with the old home).  Sometimes people are going through a divorce and the house is the only thing that is keeping two people together that don't want to be together.  Sometimes the house has been listed through a local real estate agency and has sat on the market for 3-6 months with no offers.  We understand each month that goes by is a mortgage payment out of your pocket - the solution - We can buy the home within 9 days if it meets our qualifications!  That's pretty quick when you haven't had a reasonable offer in 3-6 months.  These are just a few examples of what we view as common problems but there are many more that we have tackled.  For more information, you have got to read our FREE Report on How To Sell Your Home In 9 Days!

When we buy a home, the seller knows the stress that was associated with the house is behind them and they can focus on getting on with living their lives. 

The second way we help members of the community is by assisting people become homeowners.  We don't believe, just because you have had some problems in the past, you should be prohibited from living in a pretty house in a pretty neighborhood or becoming a homeowner.  We work with these people and mortgage lenders to help get them qualified for a mortgage so they can one day experience the pride of homeownership.  For more info, please see our Report on How Our Lease Purchase Program Works!

That's pretty much who we are in a nutshell.  We look forward to doing business with anyone that has a house for sale or anyone looking to become a homeowner.